The idea for FootSizer was born one Saturday morning over coffee during a conversation between a father and mother.


The season was changing and their son needed new shoes. He was at that age where new shoes were outgrown long before they were worn out. Just how much larger a shoe size was needed than the last season was the point of discussion. Just how much had his feet grown?


Their child didn’t like shopping for shoes at the shoe store and made it clear to everyone within hearing distance. And that was if he could be held in place long enough for the shoe salesman to measure his feet. For this reason the mother dreaded the aggravation of having to drag him to the shoe store. The father who buys everything on line was concerned about guessing the wrong shoe size yet again and the hassle of having to return the shoes.


Together they had an idea of how to give parents the freedom to easily measure their children’s feet at home and shop online with confidence that the shoes will fit.


The father, with a masters degree in robotics and artificial intelligence figured out how to make it a reality. Nine months later, with the help of a small team of world renowned PhDs in computer vision, a skilled designer and a couple top-notch developers, FootSizer was born.


FootSizer uses a patent pending advanced computer vision system and method to accurately measure a child’s feet and calculate the right shoe size.